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I created this site to make sure that we will never forget #ForTheHorse
I am sorry Pauseunpause...

See any bugs that needs to be squashed, or do you have a genius idea? Let me know!



#ForTheHorse was created during the Mindcrack Network 2014 charity stream. The player Pauseunpause was gifted a Notch Apple. To get this item gifted, a person must donate 1000 USD, giving the Notch apple gifted a value of 1000 USD. It turns out that horses favourite food is, you guessed it, apples. In an attempt to tame his horse, Pauseunpause managed to feed his gifted Notch apple to the horse. Making the horse the most expensive horse in Minecraft history.

"DUDE YOU FED HIM!" - AntVenom

"You better ride that motherf**ker into the sunset!" - Guude

*Cries* "Are you f**king kidding me?" - Pauseunpause

Special Thanks to: Pauseunpause

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